Self-starter strategies from Redefine CEO Andrew König

As we embrace a brave new epoch of Zoom meetings, elbow greetings and six-feet-apart standards, we’re all firmly focused on the future and what it will bring. With this in mind, Redefine CEO Andrew König put together some helpful hints on what it takes to fast forward our future leaders and build better businesses. And while he’d like matriculants and young entrepreneurs to listen in, there are learnings here for business adventurers of all ages.

Believe in your own blueprint

Embracing who you are and establishing what you’re passionate about is the first step to sustained success. Knowing what you truly want to achieve puts you firmly on the path to a productive and satisfying work life. We spend so much time at work, it’s important that we make it meaningful.

Know your weaknesses

Supplement your weaknesses by surrounding yourself with others who possess the skills you simply don’t have. This will help to plug your personal deficits and complete you as an individual. It will bring more balance to your overall offering and build your self-belief, and – most importantly – it will free you up to be the best at what you’re uniquely good at.

There is no textbook called experience

Formal education can only take you so far. And while it provides you with a platform to plot your path, deep learning and sustainable success are built on experience. Work for free, if need be, to get that hard-earned experience. And don’t be afraid to fail – always seek out the lesson in every experience.

There will always be capital for a solid investment

Don’t let a lack of finances hold you back and limit what you can achieve. The potential for entrepreneurial pursuits begins and ends with what’s in your head, not what’s in your wallet. Many of the world’s most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs started off with brilliant ideas, which then attracted the capital needed to turn them into a workable reality.

Life is too short to learn from your own mistakes

Surround yourself with mentors who’ve already earned their stripes. You’ll have access to their hard-won wisdom, and you’ll be able to draw on decades of experience and diverse points of view. More importantly, though, avoid repeating mistakes you’ve already made. If you see an immobilising pattern taking place, where you’re stuck and simply not learning, turn to your mentor to help you move forward.

At Redefine Properties, we believe that mentorship is at the heart – and the start! – of all good business. Through The Mentorship Challenge we’re intent on building business leaders for the future, who’ll be able to navigate the ‘new normals’ that have already started to shape our world. We’re intent on fast-tracking entrepreneurship and employability in an era of unprecedented job losses and business closures, by matching bright young mentees with South Africa’s most seasoned business leaders, who’ll mentor them on a one-on-one basis. To find your ideal mentor, visit and sign up for the journey of a lifetime.

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