Make a mentoring plan… with Allen Ramsay

Former Anglo American senior executive Allen Ramsay joined The Mentorship Challenge with a simply stated intention: ‘I want to help’. He came from humble beginnings, but managed to qualify as a chemical engineer, attain a master’s in business leadership, and work his way up to senior management. Now, he’s a man with a plan to share forty years’ worth of wisdom with the next generation.

Throughout our lives, we all have aspirations and ambitions. These motivate our behaviour and compel us to strive for that driving vision we have in our minds, no matter our stage in life. But to translate that vision into a reality, we need to define it and set realistic goals to realising our dreams.

A great way to do this is through life plans and career plans. Both are designed and developed to capture a road map to realising one’s dreams, and to enable you to achieve them within acceptable timelines – but they are both totally intertwined!

Plan, plan, plan: as in life, so too in your career…

A mentorship road map…

Once you’ve got that down, it’s time to develop a well-structured mentorship plan. The mentorship plan is a simple agreement between the mentor and mentee – a road map, as it were, of the mentee’s development, and how and when his or her aspirations will be realised. It serves as a contract, a measure of progress and, more importantly, a mutual commitment.

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